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Jill T. Ruggiero, M.A.

President and Founder

Jill earned a master’s degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Criminology with a Juvenile Justice specialization at the University of New Haven’s Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.  She is a fellow of the School-Justice Partnerships and Diversion Pathways Certificate Program at the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University and serves as the Northeast Region Representative of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice Executive Board.

Jill has twenty years police experience, most of which have been spent in the juvenile justice arena.  She has held the role of Youth Detective, supervisor of the Youth Safety Division/Detective Bureau Sergeant, and manager of the School Resource Officer and Juvenile Review Board Diversion programs.  Jill also has extensive experience working directly with youth within the schools and in police/youth/community partnership programs.  

Jill has trained thousands of law enforcement officers, community partners, and juvenile justice system decision-makers across the United States.  She has spent over a decade working with the State of Connecticut Juvenile Justice Advisory Police/Youth Subcommittee on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities within the system, as a compliance monitor, and as a data collector for the state’s Disproportionate Minority Contact Study. 

Additionally, she has been an adjunct college professor of criminal and juvenile justice courses for several years.  Jill believes that an effective way to broadly impact the system is by educating future practitioners.  Jill is also a Police Office Standards and Training Council Certified Police Instructor in several subject matters including Juvenile Law/Handling Juveniles, Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Human Behavior/Interpersonal Relations.

She has devoted both her personal and professional life advocating for children. 

Our Work

disseminating the message

Fifteen years of experience training thousands of law enforcement officers, child-serving agency practitioners, educators, community partners, and juvenile justice system decision-makers

broad impact

Building off of a curriculum originally designed for only law enforcement officers and found to be effective in increasing officer knowledge and positive outcomes in a study by the University of Connecticut, updated curricula and target audience to include a cross-systems approach, benefiting not only the youth, but workers too, by helping to build relationships across disciplines

police officer standards and training council certified instructors

Certified in Juvenile Law, Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Human Behavior and Interpersonal Relations

*Curriculum approved for Police Officer Standards and Training Council Certification Credits


As gatekeepers with extensive experience working with youth to improve outcomes for not only young people, but their families, communities, and system workers, our credentials bolster the message

*Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center approved training provider and Subject Matter Experts for the Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC), a Program of the COPS Office

decades of experience

Decades of law enforcement management, consulting, and teaching experience, while intently focused on transforming the way youth and their behaviors are handled by all practitioners


Fierce advocates of restorative justice, non-punitive mindsets, policies, and practices. While prevention is the ultimate goal, addressing behaviors by providing meaningful interventions and treatment where appropriate, is central to our message. Holistic approaches, that include efforts to strengthen families, as a means of delinquency prevention should be recognized and utilized by system workers


Our Experience

Jill and her colleagues have spent decades in their careers working to ensure that every youth that comes into contact with the system is treated appropriately, fairly, and in a manner that will result in a positive outcome for that child. They remain extremely passionate and committed to youth justice reform efforts.  

In addition to experience in law enforcement, as child-serving agency practitioners, and as educators, their varied backgrounds enable the group to view reform efforts through many lenses. 

Together and in their individual roles within their respective agencies, they strive to broadly impact overall juvenile justice system improvement through training, educating and consulting, in best practices for positive interactions with youth and eliminating racial and ethnic disparities within the system.

They believe wholeheartedly that we are all the gatekeepers for the kids in our communities, especially law enforcement officers and educators. They also believe that the message needs to be spread far and wide, that if system workers, as the gatekeepers, are not trained properly in evidence-based best practices, children suffer and so too, do their families and communities.


National Trainers / Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee

Certified Law Enforcement Instructors

Compliance Monitors

Racial and Ethnic Disparity Data Collectors

Curricula Developers



We recognize each federal agency, state, territory, and Tribal nation, have needs specific to their populations and geographic areas.  We are experts at delving into those nuances and designing curricula to address them with specificity.


As early as the registration process, we develop rapport with our attendees, engage them in conversation, encourage networking with other attendees, and often maintain contact long after the training session has ended. Most importantly, we call them to action by asking them to apply what they have learned when handling youth and to help us spread the message. 

Unique Design and Presentation

Our trainers’ experience as law enforcement officers and first line gatekeepers bolster our credibility, and that of our message, with law enforcement officers and other system gatekeepers.

Our engaging, highly interactive delivery methods consistently keep participants not only interested, but curious to learn more.  



Overall program rating of "excellent"

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